Expired Vouchers:

Please be advised that effective May 31st 2018, we will only honour current vouchers which show an expiration date of December 31, 2017 or after.

All previous expiry dates (or no dates) will be marked off as redeemed in our system.

There have been a number of vouchers stolen recently. Mostly from Tallaisim bags left in Shuls. Please treat your vouchers like cash and secure them accordingly. Although we can try and notify Tzedakas of these thefts, chances are very slim the perpetrators would be caught. We cannot assume any responsibility for these thefts.

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The Zichron Binyomin Charity Foundation

Zichron Binyomin Charity Foundation is a non-profit organization established to raise money for Toronto Jewish Charitable Organizations. Zichron Binyomin Tzedaka vouchers are a quick and easy way to make a donation. No more need for cash or cheques. Donors receive a tax receipt for every dollar in a timely manner. All vouchers must be cashed through a Canadian registered charity. Keep track of all your donations and tax receipts by consolidating all your donations through one organization. All vouchers are fitted with security features and individually recorded to prevent fraud.

Read about our great work here.

Please note that the credit card processing is temporarily down. Please use Paypal for credit card or choose mail cheque option and send an E-transfer to vouchers@zbcf.ca. Contact us for assistance. We apologize for the inconvenience. OK